Tafe E-day Post Card
London Magazine Spread
The project was aimed at creating two A4 magazine spreads for a world travel company. The layout is inspired by the English flag, with the type hinting at the heritage of England. The title was designed to grab the viewer's attention by having part of it come out of the blue sky. 
The target market for the company is couples and families in their mid-twenties and above. The tone and personality of the spreads were designed to appeal to families and couples seeking adventure and new experiences when travelling to different parts of the world. 
Children's Book Cover
I redesigned a book cover for children aged 6-7. The cover should have a bright, cheerful yellow background and feature a girl looking directly at the "Big or Little" title. 
The tone and personality of the book should be friendly, bright, approachable, happy, and celebratory of individuality. 
Alan Kitching Booklet
I have selected Alan Kitching, a specialist in letterpress and typographic print-making design, for this booklet. The booklet is intended to reflect his style through ink splashes on the inner pages to create texture, and an organic feel on the front and back cover, inspired by the ink block process evident in his design work. 
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