Edenvale Labels
Project Overview: The purpose of this project was to redesign a current non-alcoholic Australian-produced wine label that visually could be refreshed to target the 25-30s younger demographic. The way l approached my label design was by first establishing what the other non-alcoholic drink competitors looked like, which was mainly fruit-themed. From this point and taking into consideration the important inclusion of the brief, the design was to help people, who do not want to drink alcohol feel comfortable in social situations and be able to join in. Therefore, for my concept direction, I decided to incorporate two figures who look like they are drinking together. The bubbles in the design also reflect a light summer feel to the label designs, complementing the colours l chose which are based on apple and citrus-type fruits that are part of the product description.
Target Market: The main demographic for this product is students who like to socialise in groups and post their experiences on social media. Other aspects of the younger target market, they like to have convenience in the product as well as being able to take the product to different places. P plates drivers are people who like to socialise without the effects of alcohol when driving back home. The target market considers product affordability as well as still being able to join in social events, helping to make non-alcoholic beverages socially acceptable. Young Australians, who want to make healthy lifestyle choices but still want a touch of sophistication and product quality.
Tone and Personality: Cool, vibrant, and energetic with a touch of sophistication to the label designs.