Work Experience, Barkuma May-June 2023
During May and June 2023, I worked at Barkuma where I repurposed their logo for the commercial services sector, created information graphics, and organised brand assets for print.
For this project, Barkuma required an extension of its current brand so that Barkuma business partners could use the logo for their general food/cosmetic packaging. The client's requirements for the logo were to stay within the brand's current font and the type set in a stacked style. 

Contract Work Australian Carers Guide 1 Page Ad
Barkuma Contract Work Print Add
Designing my first print ad as a Graduate design student was a very valuable lesson in colour contrast. This will help me make better designs for all of my clients.
Strategic Plan Information Graphic 2023-2026
T-Shirt Logo
The Way Café Re-Branding
Project Overview: The purpose of this project was to rebrand a local South Australian business with a poorly designed logo. I chose to rebrand "The Way Café," located in the Elizabeth area. The rebranding concept is based on the current brand tone, which is warm and inviting and resonates with their current customer base. The yellow colour reflects a warm and inviting aspect in the design against the black, and the font structure mirrors the same personality, creating consistency in the branding message.
Target market: Age range: 26 to early 70’s, Gender: male and female, office workers and local families in the Elizabeth region. Income, middle to lower range.
Tone and Personality: Warm, informal, and friendly.
Brand Type Master
Brand Packaging
A5 Promotional Cards 
For this promotional piece, I created an interactive experience where customers can peel off a sticker to reveal a message underneath. This complements the brand's theme and provides a fun way for customers to engage with the product. Additionally, this is a cost-effective way to stand out from competitors who may have larger social media budgets.
T-shirt and Hat